I recently gained access to the OpenAI beta program. The speech processing was beyond my imagination.

So I’ve decided to let GPT-3 help me to develop an app.

Let’s see how it turned out. The following text is the conversation between me and the AI. The bold text is given by me as an input. The normal text is OpenAI’s answer.

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Input: Let’s build a Startup. The idea is simple: You are listening to music over an App. When two people meet, one of the songs is selected so they will listen to the same song.

OpenAI: Here are the…

Remember when it was enough to install PHP on your Apache server? Take care of your scripts, take care of your server. That’s it!

I noticed that people become overwhelmed with the number of new topics and technologies. Now you are expected to know Docker, Serverless, Kubernetes, AWS, and many more.

“The more components your software has, the more difficult it becomes to keep everything secure.”

That’s why I have put together eight simple tips to step up your container game.

If you want you can also watch my video to the topic!


Secure images are a simple but effective…


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#WirVsVirus — our part in the biggest hackathon of all time🏆

48 hours — 42 000 (forty-two thousand!) people. On 20 March 2020, WirVsVirus, the biggest hackathon in world history, began. Our goal and that of almost two thousand other teams was to find solutions for the current Covid-19 crisis.

This article describes the making of our project www.smallbusinesshero.de, a platform to get in touch with local stores in your neighborhood, so you can support them during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.

“The stores were packed with products and the store owners were desperate.”

On Thursday, within a few hours only, about forty people gathered in our company chat. We had a lot of ideas and somehow it was clear early on that…

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Do not share any user data of your customers in a public blockchain network you have no control over. If the data is accidentally revealed at any time there is no way back.

You probably have seen many blockchain implementations that promise to protect privacy. This blogpost gives you a small overview about the real possibilities of providing privacy on blockchains. After a short overview of the problems, I split the solutions into five layers to protect the privacy of blockchains. I am happy about feedback and suggestions for improvement.

There are several key challenges when using blockchains, which are…

image provided by www.ethereum.org

I have been asked about resources to get started with Ethereum. After writing the answer I thought that this quick overview could help more than one person.

At first, I would recommend starting with the Ethereum-Whitepaper [1]. You will learn a lot about blockchains in general and of course about the features of Ethereum. It’s not too technical and well written.

If you are new to the blockchain-topic, I would rather not start with buying books. They are often misleading or outdated because technology is evolving really fast. The documents which are provided by the developer are mostly up-to-date and…

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